4 interesting reasons women visit the pharmacy

4 interesting reasons women visit the pharmacy

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The reasons why women visit pharmacies are interesting and diverse. In honour of International Women's Day today, we look at what pharmacists can do to cater to the needs of female patients in particular.
8 Mar 2017 - General
As a pharmacist, I would notice that there are really people who visits the pharmacy and most of them are women. They would ask the uses of medicines they buy for their families. Even from the beauty products they use. I agree that one of our customers said that it is better that they are aware about the information, health benefits and side effects of the medicines they will be taking in. They appreciate that their are pharmacists that give them information and educate them and care for them sp...
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As a pharmacist, I noticed that there are usually more women customers than men. This just gives an emphasis on the variety of roles women play. Be it for their family or themselves, they always see to it that everyone's needs are met as best as possible, and this includes going to the pharmacy for a variety of things - medications, supplements, infant formula, beauty and hygiene products. I frequented the Pharmacy when I was pregnant as had to stock up on a variety of supplements, plus had...
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