PH: DOH assures maternal and child support during disasters

PH: DOH assures maternal and child support during disasters

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The Department of Health has given assurance that children, pregnant women, lactating mothers can continue to avail of proper health care services especially in times of disasters and emergencies to ensure their medical and nutritional needs will be met.
8 Mar 2017 - General
Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan and Chih Chiang Nieh Thank you for sharing your views. I like the plans that the Philippines' Department of Health has laid out for the year 2017. An overlooked factor in the health department's renewed vigor is that the funding for health is greater than national defense's for the first ti...
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I agree that women and children have to be prioritized especially during such disasters and calamities. Aside from physical health and being able to have their basic needs met in times like these, their emotional and mental health also have to be taken into consideration. Also, with the issue that Mark Edmon Tan mentioned, yes, there should be separate evacuation centers to avoid crimes that target this vulnerabl...
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