Americans With High BP Still Eating Too Much Salt

Americans With High BP Still Eating Too Much Salt

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Average sodium intake more than double the recommended daily limit for these patients, study finds
9 Mar 2017 - General
Tahira Nawaz I am not surprised with this topic that Americans with high blood pressure still increase consumption of food high in sodium. As a matter of fact, it is already in their diet that their food preference are high in sodium such as pizza, burgers, fish and chips and many more. It also contributes to their obesity secondary to their lifestyle. They should decrease their intake of fast foods and easily pr...
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Thank you for sharing the article Tahira Nawaz . Hypertension is condition which is highly prevelent in our modern society. One of the causes of the condition is the consumption of salt as stated in the article. I have stayed in the states for a period of time. My personal experience of this is that the most of the salt comes from the processed food that is very common. I feel that that one of the way is for the...
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Increased consumption of salty food products have been associated with the development of hypertension. From the pathophysiologic standpoint, this may be related to increase in water retention that contributes to increases in blood pressure. In order to avoid this, I usually advise patients not to add extra salt to their table food and to sensibly use salt when cooking. I think that this is a practical approach because a lot of people do not check food labels and are not knowledgeable about comp...
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I guess for the majority of hypertensive patients, it is in the habit and lifestyle that they have been consuming high salt. If one were to be critical, fast food restaurants serve food that are high in sodium and in the States, fast food is everywhere. The hard truth is it is really very difficult to change someone's lifestyle habits that have been going on for a long while. Thus I am very sure that the patients find it hard even if they know the theory that high salt diet is bad for their ...
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