Why healthcare professionals should choose tea over coffee

Why healthcare professionals should choose tea over coffee

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Here we look at how drinking tea instead of coffee benefits healthcare professionals, who often need to work long and irregular shifts and thrive in a stressful and tiring industry.
9 Mar 2017 - General
Mark Edmon Tan
I can't start my day without a cup of coffee, I feel it affects not just my energy but also my mood and after an hour I took my tea.
The article mentioned many benefits of drinking tea over coffee but I have read many articles about the benefits of coffee and how it boosts body metabolism.
Everything thing in life is a double edged weapon, so don't drink better than over intake...
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Marinelle Castro, Madhubabu kaaja , and Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Thank you for sharing the reason behind your preferences for coffee and tea. I believe that consumption of one serving of both drinks a day will give us benefits of antioxidants and...
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An interesting read for medical practitioners like us. Although both coffee and tea have its own array of benefits, tea appears to be the "healthier option" because coffee is often attributed to addiction while on the other hand, tea is more commonly linked with the terms "herbal and "antioxidants". I'm sure that you would still opt for your regular morning coffee even after reading this article for the simple reason that most of us need coffee to jumpstart our day. ...
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