What is the proper decorum in wearing the nurse's uniform?

What is the proper decorum in wearing the nurse's uniform?

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From the iconic all-white uniform associated with nursing, the profession has seen an evolution in what nurse's wear.
10 Mar 2017 - General
Marinelle Castro, you are absolutely right in saying that unusual accessories can be a source of infection for the patients. Chih Chiang Nieh it was real surprising information that in Singapore scrubs can't wear in public places. it's good, though. I think the uniform for health care professionals should be in accordanc...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Thank you for raising a very important point. It would really be perplexing for patients to see us engaging in vices after we have given them advice about the importance of lifestyle change. This effect is amplified when we smoke or drink in our uniforms. Also, I think that HCPs should stop wearing rubber slippers or shoes (i.e. crocs) liberally. These pairs are meant for operating roo...
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Heena Pohani I agree with you that uniforms should be tailored for intended purposes. Nurses in our hospital wear pants instead of skirt and I think that shift makes the job of running errands easier. ICU and operating room nurses still don scrubs but are required to change to the trademark white uniform when leaving their posts. This maintains some sterility and their professional look when meeting relatives and...
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Nowadays, nurses wear scrub suits instead of the traditional white uniform in most of the hospitals in the Philippines. The white nurse's uniform may signify cleanliness however, being in scrubs allow better mobility for them to do their job faster. In sterile hospital environments like the operating room, delivery room and ICU, nurses are required to use smock gowns over their scrub suits and to change their footwear when going outside their premises in order to reduce the risk of contamina...
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