Elite research hospitals are promoting alternative therapies – without scientific evidence

Elite research hospitals are promoting alternative therapies – without scientific evidence

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Although the practice of medicine has evolved to become centred on evidence-based information, top hospitals affiliated to institutions such as Yale and Johns Hopkins are embracing and promoting alternative therapies despite the lack of concrete scientific evidence.
10 Mar 2017 - General
Mark Edmon Tan
I'm not supporting the application of alternative medical practices that are not evidenced, I believe that sticking to the a well based medical applications is the best eliminating all the suspected mistakes and guarantees the best treatment for patients.
Using traditional ways could be accepted even if not having any approved studies as they were used for years without proving any har...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan It would really be unethical to prescribe something that is not intended for a certain disorder. It is reassuring to note though that alternative therapies , such as acupuncture, offered in hospitals are backed by scientific evidences. I cannot say the same for other therapies that sprouted outside of the hospital that promise to align the spine or remove toxins from the body through d...
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Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for your sharing your thoughts. As HCPs, we must be able to meticulously discuss in detail of how alternative therapy will affect disease management to the patients. Moreover, we must learn to delineate which alternative options can function as stand-alone (i.e. TENS for pain management provides up to 8 hours of relief) or as adjunct to gold standard treatment (i.e. kinesiotaping for the...
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Heena Pohani The field of dentistry is really clear cut when it comes to management of diseases. I can think of one alternative therapy for one of the most commonly encountered disorders in your field - temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Low and high level laser therapies are now gaining popularity in providing pain relief and mobilizing this joint. As for evidence-based medicine, it is really necessary prior t...
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Marinelle Castro I agree with you especially in the dictum of non-maleficence. We cannot force our patients to engage in Western medicine therapy if they do not desire this. I have met some people who refuse to take pain medications and find alternatives. Even one of our prominent pharmacology professors in UST who sought consult with us do not wish to take on pain medications and opt for pain modalities and phys...
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I noticed that many private hospitals in the Philippines are offering a combined approach of Western and Eastern medicine in treating patients. This practice takes on a more holistic approach in addressing patients' health problems. I think one of the advantages of traditional medicine is that it is non-invasive and people these days would often opt for more conservative ways of treatment rather than undergoing surgery or completing a drug regimen. However, there have been no scientific evi...
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