Interval Training May Help Reverse Signs Of Aging

Interval Training May Help Reverse Signs Of Aging

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A new study has identified a potential mode of exercise that may help optimize the reversal of any unwanted signs of aging, high-intensity interval training. High intensity interval training involves short bursts of very intense activity,
10 Mar 2017 - General
There are three energy systems that the body uses: ATP-Phosphocreatine system (lasting for 25-30 secs), Anaerobic Glycolysis (lasting up to 2 mins), and Aerobic Glycolysis (for activities greater than 2 mins). ATP-PCR and anaerobic glycolysis do not require the use of oxygen for energy production. On the other hand, aerobic Glycolysis uses oxygen for sustained energy. I mentioned these systems because high intensity interval training (HIIT) utilizes all energy systems and improves the anaerobic...
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It has been documented by several studies that high intensity interval training has many benefits. Among all the exercise regimens, this is also the one that is most feasible to do for people with busy lifestyles. However, it might be difficult to measure if this exercise can reverse signs of aging because there are no clinically designated biomarkers is used to measure such. I do agree that exercise improves cellular metabolism, but I don't think that this is confined to high intensity inte...
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