Neanderthals used plant medicines

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11 Mar 2017 - General

Neonderthals has used antibiotics and peniciliins of natural orign for tooth decays or pain which was found from a 50 000 years back tooth. It is very interesting that they are well versed with medicine than us obviously how they can know about all these things ot there may be belief of pain releiving research at that time only. We are now away from plant medicines and  moving towards synthertic medicines. Express your views on natural medicines.

Oh, this is an amazing finding! I guess there were antimicrobial compounds from plants and these people had a certain system to know which plants could cure certain diseases. A lot of the plant medicines used during the ancient times are still being used today, as evidenced by the writings of several notable men in history such as Dioscorides, Galen and even from Egyptian scrolls. It wouldn't be that surprising if the use of plant drugs existed even before the ancient Greek and Roman civiliz...
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