Beyond the pharmacy: The potential of a pharmacy degree

Beyond the pharmacy: The potential of a pharmacy degree

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Pharmacists have a wide range of opportunities and avenues to work in. Here we look at the national demand for pharmacists as well as their job options after getting their degree.
13 Mar 2017 - General
I always tell my students that they are lucky to be taking up a pharmacy degree. Aside from the huge demand for pharmacists all over the world, they also have numerous options as to their field of work. Beyond the usual fields like community, manufacturing, clinical and hospital pharmacy, there are also other routes to take as mentioned in the article. Because the study of Pharmacy is so diverse, I'd also like to clarify that the research opportunities are not only limited to a certain field...
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There is a huge attraction from students toward pharmaceutical field and becoming a pharmacist.
Pharmacists responsibility not just limited to dispensing drugs and retail work, there should be a trusted knowledge about dosages and allergic reactions.
In Singapore, pharmacist work not just limited to retail work, they can occupy many positions in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, despite the huge comparison between fresh graduates pharmacists and experienced ones, the article dis...
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