Climate change will threaten mental health, experts say

Climate change will threaten mental health, experts say

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Experts are concerned about mental health issues linked to climate change, with studies showing a rise in factors such as depression, anxiety and aggression when people experience severe weather events.
15 Mar 2017 - General
This is a nice article that warns us of mental challenges with global warming. Stronger typhoons and natural calamities are a real threat with global warming and it is mentally draining to think about this possibility. Adjusting to climate change with higher temperatures during summer and more frigid winters will be challenging for us to adapt to. Coping with climate-change-induced adjustments can be very difficult; thus, spreading awareness with informative article such as this prepares us bett...
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Natural calamities are beyond our control most of the time but we can lessen the burden by taking care of our nature. Gone are the days wherein we can see greener pasteurs, crystal clear waters and fresh air. This type of scenario is really traumatic to the victims and pity those who cannot recover from the depression. We who's living in the Philippines are always close to this type of calamities. Others may die from hunger and some just choose to die after all. As a responsible citizen, we ...
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Rajinda Asalage Really? In the Philippines, we are starting to encounter prolonged extremes of weather. Our summer months have the highest temperatures, reaching up to 40C. That temperature was unheard of about 10 years ago that's why I know that the drastic change in temperature is due to climate change. Our rainy season also occurs for a prolonged period of time. Previosuly our rainy season starts by June, ...
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