MOH to expand number of housemen training slots in Malaysia

MOH to expand number of housemen training slots in Malaysia

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The Deputy Health Minister has announced plans to open up more placements for housemen at training hospitals in order to accommodate for the increasing number of medical graduates and to address the limited training slots.
16 Mar 2017 - General
Marinelle Castro Quality of patient care will improve with increase in the number of doctors. I agree that there will be increased productivity and decreased patient turnover/discharge time, especially in the emergency room. Increasing the number of doctors will also help in attending to those who need the most priority of medical assistance. Moreover, it helps stave off fatigue for the attending physicians. Fati...
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Mark Edmon Tan I share the same insight that there is a need to increase the number or openings in public hospitals. This will not only increase the number of specialist in the country, but it will also increase the workforce of public institutions. Most public institutions cater to a lot of patients, and because there are only a few doctors, this leads to an increased waiting period, thereby decreasing productiv...
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Theekshana Abayawickrama In our country, those who are undergoing training are called residents instead of housemen. Is the term house officer being used in your country? Regardless of the nomenclature, housemen/residents are tasked to stay inside the hospital. It is really good that focus is given to generating more opportunities for the younger doctors. This has been an issue everywhere as opening more slots for...
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This is a good opportunity for newly licensed medical doctors to pursue their chosen specialties especially if they are in a hurry to start their career. Expanding the number of housemen training slots will also be good for the country's medical health care system in the long run. I hope that the Department of Health in the Philippines would also consider doing this in public hospitals in our country because housemen or medical residents here are over-worked due to the large number of patien...
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