Lost to Follow-Up

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16 Mar 2017 - General

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Lost to follow-up generally refers to participants who drop out of a study. In this article, lost to follow-up pertains to patients who do not seek a follow-up after initial consult to a physician. This has been an issue for some patients I have seen in the hospital. Some of the reasons why patients do not return are symptom relief, finances, proximity of house, or having to go to their respective provinces. Personally, I would be happy if the reason for not doing a follow-up was symptom relief barring awaiting necessary results from certain ancillary procedures. However, I would really prefer to assess the patients again after the initial consult to make sure that disease has been treated. For the MIMS community, do you have experiences of losing patients to follow-up? What are some of the reasons that they cite? Can you think of solutions to lessen the incidence of lost-to-follow-up-patients?

Jemelyn Mae Sodusta , Marinelle Castro , and Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thank you for sharing your thoughts with this topic. In our country, it stems from lack of awareness about the importance of preventive medicine. We have become really used to sympt...
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Mark Edmon Tan Aside from financial considerations, sometimes it is the culture of complacency with regards to healthcare. I have yet to meet a patient who sets aside a particular budget for prospective healthcare expenses. Most patients think of health care maintenance is an added expense, which complicates decision making whether they will follow up with their doctors or not. Based from experience, people with...
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Most of the patients after being discharged in the hospital or maybe those who have seeked opd sessions does not come back due to the following reasons. (1) Finances: They'll be spending another consultation fee, transportation and meals for those who will come from a far and would spend almost half a day to see their doctors. (2) Time and distance: Some are living from remote areas and it is kind of a hassle to go to your doctor for a few minutes and you need to travel a few hours to see th...
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