Fat And Sugar Counts On Food Packages May Be Misleading You

Fat And Sugar Counts On Food Packages May Be Misleading You

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A new study warns that “no-fat” or “no-sugar,” “low-fat” or “reduced-salt” on food packaging may give consumers a sense of confidence before they purchase, but these claims rarely reflect the actual nutritional quality of the
17 Mar 2017 - General
Couldn't think up of a specific example but Marinelle Castro got it spot on already. The labeling of fat-free, low-fat, low etc is an advertising gimick to make you feel that what you are buying something healthy. So maybe it is low fat but what is it high in? There is almost always a catch there. Better just buy fresh produce and cook your food from scratch. It may be time consuming but it is healthy for sur...
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Glad to see this post, Fedelic Ashish Toppo. Nutritional value considerations should include macronutrient and micronutrient watching. For macronutrients, fats are usually broken down into two groups namely saturated and unsaturated groups. Carbohydrates value show the amount of sugar content. We have to choose food that are balanced to provide high carbohydrate and protein, low fat and sugar content, and contain...
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