Pricing Transparency of Prescription Medicines

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17 Mar 2017 - General

The role of pharmacist is to ensure rational and responsible use of medicines. Therefore any information provided by pharmacists should encourage rational use of medicines. Pharmacist should provide honest, relavent information about price and benifit of medicine.The price of medication in pharmacy should be meaningfull and comparable. But I have seen some pharmacies working in more business perspective by increasing prices and sometimes non comparable to other pharmacies.This post is open to all to share your opinions and experiences of pricing transparency on prescription medicines.

Madhubabu kaaja I am thankful that you raised this concern. In our country, maintenance medications are mandated to have a suggested retail price. Pharmacies will get penalized for going over the SRP. Unfortunately, this law does not apply to every medication. I think that Jemelyn Mae Sodusta 's suggestion that a law regarding ...
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Madhubabu kaaja I would like to inquire if you have a regulatory body in your region that ensures that standard pricing of medications is being practiced by local pharmacies. In our country, the prices of commonly used medications are protected by the government. We have a policy called, "Cheaper Medicines Act", wherein these medications are made cheaper and drug prices of selected commonly used medicat...
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