The ABC's of Life

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17 Mar 2017 - General

Which one are you gonna give your attention first? A telephone ringing, receiving an admission, entertain someone who came into the station to complain, accompany a consultant making his rounds, insert an intravenous line or help your colleague. These are just one of the few things happening in a nurses life everyday. In order respond better, we still keep in mind the principle of ABC's (Airway-Breathing-Clearance) and/or patients safety first. In my experience, it is a must that your patients safety must come first before anything else above anything else. Documentation can wait for you til the end of your shift but attending your patients need first should be a priority. Whereas in emergency situation, first you need to have a patent airway, establish the circulation and clear if there are any obstruction. 

If you cannot handle the situation wherein there's multiple of things needed, then it is okay to get some help. Prioritization is a must in almost all aspects of life and not just in nursing. Always remember that a delay in time may harm those who're in a life and death situation and if you're quick enough, you can save lives.

For the MIMS community, do you also have any difficulty with prioritization in responding with your patients/clients? How do you prioritize or sort things out?

Definitely patients first, paperworks later. Being in the health care field we should know how triage everything we do. As you said we need to know what to prioritize and to be able to multitask. I sort things out by organizing my thoughts ahead. I have an evernote notebook in my phone where I list down my patients and before coming to hospital I transfer the list of yesterday to today's date and figure out how I will do my rounds. Of course once I get to the hospital everything changes as I...
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Thank you for bringing up this topic Priscilla Mae Gobuyan . I can relate well to this topic because residents also multitask all the time. I share the same insight that it is important to categorize tasks to emergent, urgent, and non-urgent tasks. Patient safety should always be a top priority when given multiple tasks. In case that there are two emergent cases that occur at the same time, it is important to rec...
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