Experimental Stem Cell Treatment Nearly Blinds Three People

Experimental Stem Cell Treatment Nearly Blinds Three People

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When doctors give their patients a difficult diagnosis, whether it’s for a condition like cancer or a rarer disease for which there is no standard…
18 Mar 2017 - General
Jemelyn Mae Sodusta I believe that the physician referred the patient to the government website for clinical trials and was not an observer. Unfortunately, the patient enrolled in a poorly designed clinical trial. The website administrators is at fault for being lax in enrolling clinical trials without screening. The attending physician's fault here is being unaware that some trials in this website are not ap...
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At a quick glance of this article, HCPs might think that the primary issue is patient participation in treatment that is not approved or included in guidelines. However, a more alarming issue when dissecting this article is that physicians refer patients to a site, that is not able to consistently filter quality research protocols, for experimental treatment. The research protocol that the three patients participated into violated two important aspects of research ethics: 1.)...
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