MIMS Profiles: The Millennial Nurse - Part 1

MIMS Profiles: The Millennial Nurse - Part 1

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The nursing workforce today is made up of professionals whose ages range from 20 to 50. MIMS profiles the four prominent age groups - 20s, 30s, 40s, and the 50s in this three-part series starting with the millennial nurse.
21 Mar 2017 - General
I think millennials are very unique in that we have our own set of values and skills that make us more well-equipped to contribute to our workplaces and to society as a whole. Personally, I think this generation is very well know for its innovations as well as a refreshing attitude toward work in that they are able to get more work don in less time, using unconventional methods (which older people may frown upon). Overall, I think millennials have a great contribution to the healthcare professio...
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