Why alternative medicine should not become mainstream

Why alternative medicine should not become mainstream

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The effectiveness and potency of alternative medicine is mostly built on testimonies which are not considered scientific evidence. Here we will look closely at why it cannot replace conventional medicine.
23 Mar 2017 - General
Shunjie Chua Thank you for bringing this up. The problem with supplements/alternative medications lies in poor study designs , if there are any, in showing efficacy of treating diseases. This is not acceptable in our field where every option we offer should have adequate evidence of consistently improving symptoms in a large number of random population. It would really be unfair for the patient to base our clin...
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Marinelle Castro I agree that alternative medications and therapies should be used as an adjunct to treating a certain condition. Clinical practice guidelines are set in place to guide us in using proven medications for treating disorders. We are not doing justice to the patient if we prescribe alternative forms of treatment that have questionable effects towards symptom improvement. Thank you for sharing your th...
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Madhubabu kaaja As a physician, I always emphasize that supplements and organic substances do not have approved testimonial claims. Anecdotal claims are really easy to generate and will never be a reliable source for prescribing a certain medication. Moreover, alternative medicines cost a lot of money too. This is why I recommend taking scientifically-backed medications that have undergone meticulous clinical tria...
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There is a reason why "alternative medicine" is coined as such. Yes, there may be claims of it being effective in treating certain ailments like chronic pain but there are no genuine evidence or scientific explanation about the risks and benefits of eastern medicine and herbal supplements. Furthermore, herbal supplements and natural remedies may have potentially dangerous effects when taken with conventional medicines because they can also participate in CYP450 interactions and other e...
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