Fewer Patients Die During Hospital Inspection Weeks: Study

Fewer Patients Die During Hospital Inspection Weeks: Study

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Slight differences in death rates were possibly due to increased vigilance by staff, researcher suggests
26 Mar 2017 - General
I agree with you Theekshana Abayawickrama there should be more frequent inspection in every hospital because it is going to reduce the mortality rate. It is very interesting and depressing at the same time. Why we do not maintain the same hospital environment that we adopt during inspection days. Thanks for sharing the article ...
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I think factors contributing to the decrease in death rates during inspection time vary from each institution. Maybe because during inspection time, they get to send the best manpower during these times. I mean for example if you are aiming to be accredited, the people are ready and competent enough. Very particular not to commit a mistake as much as possible. Better hospital staffing and quality given to patients are also counted. This may not mean that without inspection time, people are lax o...
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It is a very interesting finding that more patients allegedly receive better health care during hospital inspection weeks. However, the data shown is incomplete to determine of improved mortality rates during such inspection events. Is it because of better patient-to-nurse ratio as stated? What about the cases of admitted patients? Does it change with hospital inspection weeks? A more comprehensive and detailed study involving census of all cases should be presented as well compared to usual hos...
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Hmm, the results of this study may possibly give us something to think about. Though the differences are low, I agree that this difference in the number of deaths is still very important. Also, given the large number of data used in the study, I think that the findings her could be reliable. It's possible that hospitals are more alert and vigilant during inspection weeks. Thus, hospital administration could try to come up with ways to maintain higher standards even during non-inspection week...
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