Outlook good as formerly conjoined twins leave NY hospital

Outlook good as formerly conjoined twins leave NY hospital

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Formerly conjoined twins from the Dominican Republic have left a New York hospital two months after surgery to separate them.
27 Mar 2017 - General
Thank you for sharing this article. This is really a piece of good news. Kudos to the job well done by the paediatrics surgical team as well as the neonatal intensive care for looking after this pair of conjoint twins. Conjoint twins used to be an extremely bad condition and also depends on the extent of how the organs are shared. The trick to create more skin to cover the conjoint area will be to produce pneumoperitoneum to stretch the skin. After this successful surgery, they would be able to ...
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cojoined twins are rare here but there are some few exceptions that I want to share one rare case that till now no surgery has completely done in hyderabad, India. One can follow link Few weeks back also a Indian women has delivered to cojoined twins with fused head. Both babies are healthy now but I hope that same thinh should happen here for compelted healthy and recover...
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