The First Ever Full Head Transplantation Will Take Place in Next December

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27 Mar 2017 - General

It is now confirmed that history will witness a new event on december this year. A 30 years old russian patient suffering from spinal muscular atrophy will have his tranfered to a new body of a brain dead patient.The Italian surgeon promises that the chances of success are high. However, the announcement of the controversial plan has created a new storm of different views. What do MIMS community members think about this operation?


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Thank you all for sharing your valuable insights on this topic. This announced plan has already sparked a wave of arguments not only among the scientific community but also among the public on social media. There are many different and interesting points being focused on besides those supporting this operation with lots of optimism. Jemelyn Mae Sodusta ...
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I am rooting for this surgery to be successful since it can give hope to people who are debilitated by conditions such as SMA and spinal cord injury. I think that it is impossible to re-attach structures especially the fine architecture of the spinal cord seamlessly. It is a very difficult operation but it will be a test of how far we can advance in this field of medicine. Thank you for sharing this article ...
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