Medical dramas: An accurate portrayal of our healthcare sector?

Medical dramas: An accurate portrayal of our healthcare sector?

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Medical dramas often portray an interesting aspect of the healthcare sector and shed light on what healthcare providers deal with on a daily basis. However, what they depict is often far from reality.
27 Mar 2017 - General
Mark Edmon Tan
I totally agree with article about the huge differences between medical dramas and real medical life practices, heroism and cost affordability just exist in drama and not a real picture of what is really going on, but I can't deny that medical dramas are delivering many good informations and knowledge to people making them more aware about how healthcare professionals are doing their best ...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz Thank you for sharing your thoughts and bringing up that people should learn to differentiate fiction from reality in every profession portrayed in series or tv shows. It is important to note that producers sensationalize scenes in order to draw ratings. There is actually less drama in the hospital as health care professionals act in a very professional decorum in order to maintain the high qual...
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