Italy could soon offer ‘menstrual leave’ to female workers

Italy could soon offer ‘menstrual leave’ to female workers

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Italy might soon become the first Western country with an official “menstrual leave” policy for working women. The lower house of Italy’s parliament has started discussing a draft law that, if approved, will mandate companies to grant three days of paid leave each month to female employees who experience painful periods.
29 Mar 2017 - General
Yay! This is awesome. But I am afraid and wondering if how will they able to gauge the females ability to have painful menstruation or also called dysmennorhea. I personally experience this but only on thenonset day of my menses and the rest of 2 days, I don't feel anymore. There are months wherein I can feel excruciating pain but most of the time, tolerable and be relieved by hyoscine and rest. I would suggest for those who have regular menses, to request to have their off on the anticipate...
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