Depression main reason for ill health, disability: WHO

Depression main reason for ill health, disability: WHO

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Depression rate has risen by 18% since 2005
2 Apr 2017 - General
Depression the leading cause of ill health and disability", except in Britain where just about any mental health issue is not a disability, including such conditions as autism.
I should also add that a physical disability is also no longer a disability. As someone who knows what it's like to be cured by Atos Healthcare, Maximus UK and most recently by Capita, all who, it would seem, employ psychic's as they can make a determination without the use of medical records, even when ...
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The World Health Organization (WHO) is finally shifting its focus on modifying controllable risk factors for ill health. Depression is a significant risk factor for acquired/lifestyle related diseases. Hence, it is important to acknowledge depressive symptoms before it turns into depression. Social support, primarily by family and friends, helps facilitate catharsis for the affected individual. As HCPs, we must routinely ask patients if a significant life event/stressor is present to guide them ...
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