WHO issues measles alert across Europe

WHO issues measles alert across Europe

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Following measles outbreaks in 14 European cities, the World Health Organisation predicts numbers will escalate and warns of its potential health risks which might be life threatening.
2 Apr 2017 - General
Since we are on the topic relating to vaccination, I would like to post a question to the MIMS community with regards to vaccination against human papilloma virus (HPV) for the prevention of cervical cancer. Would you prefer using the quadrivalent Gardasil which cost slightly more than the bivalent Cervarix? Gardasil covers for 6, 11, 16,18 , whereas Cervarix only covers for 16 and 18 strains. The former covers also for genital warts and there is an upcoming Gardasil 9 which is recently launched...
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