Does “male menopause” exist?

Does “male menopause” exist?

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Men are said to also experience the same symptoms women have during menopause when the testosterone levels decline as they age, but other clinicians still doubt the validity of "male menopause".
2 Apr 2017 - General
Many clinicians believe, that andropause is not a valid concept. Men can continue to reproduce into old age their reproductive system do not stop working conpletely in midlife and therefore they do not exhibit the sudden and dramatic drops in hormone levels characteristic of women going through menopause . Some clinicians argue that many of the cited symptoms are not specific enough to warrant describing a new condition. For example, people who are over weight may be misguided into treating a ne...
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Andropause or male menopause is still questioned in the field of medicine. However, the study presented show consistent symptoms among older men such as loss of libido, low energy, and a lack of drive. In my clinical experience regard consults made by veterans (older men), those who exercise, a known producer of testosterone, regularly exude more sprite than those who became sedentary. The investigators in the study may eventually find proof that supplementing with exogenous testosterone will al...
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