4 alternative career paths for nurses

4 alternative career paths for nurses

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Nursing is a very versatile job that offers many fields of specialisations for individuals. Here we will look at the different career paths that nurses can take, and what they offer.
2 Apr 2017 - General
I think we have already discussed this topics times and times again before. There are various pathways for nurses, other than those 4 mentioned. Of course, in the institution, the conventional route is nurse manager, nurse clinician, nurse educator - from there move up to assistant director of nursing, then followed by director of nursing and moving on subsequently to admin positions like CEO, COO etc.
However, moving to community, private nursing, or sub-specialised as an advance practition...
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I think it is high time that nurse leaders take a hard look at the EI of their teams, as well as themselves. Nurses eat their own young", sadly, still holds true. While I left the bedside long ago, it remains a key factor in turnover and retention, which cannot be escaped by merely changing institutions. The change that will, if ever, elevate the field to where it should be in the eyes of nurses and other professionals, will only come from advancing a culture that promotes EI. I had a patie...
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I agree with you Mark Edmon Tan . There are really many opportunities for nurses. They can work in the laboratory as researcher, do administrative works, or even in the community as public health officer. However, not all countries can afford to do this. We are just lucky that now step by step there are some improvement. Especially with NDP (Nurse Deployment Project.) Every locality there are assigned nurses who...
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Staying confined in the hospital is not the only choice for nurses. One may opt to become an educator and help educate and produce more nurses. Another option would be a researcher to potentially identify new meaningful methods in the clinical practice of nursing. Shifting to public health helps community members receive quality medical care and advise. More avenues are available such as specialising in various fields such as psychiatry or taking an administrative role in the hospital. Either of...
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