Part-time doctoring as a means to cope with burnout

Part-time doctoring as a means to cope with burnout

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Exhaustion combined with doubts about the competence and value of their work can result in burnout among healthcare professional, making them choose to stop working full time.
3 Apr 2017 - General
"Some argue that in their specialty, once the part-time doctor goes home, his patients are either discharged or under the care of an inpatient team." - for this, I beg to differ as well. Part time doctors can also follow up their own patients. Part time can mean the person works 3 days a week, and at the same time, and they could also have a fixed timing every week for which they can still follow up with the same patient. On the contrary, for a full time doctor when he knocks off to go...
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Certainly, on paper the Residency system has made a cap to the total number of working hours for each doctor to be limited at 80, and are expected to clock in the hours faithfully, meaning if someone were to clock in beyond 80 hours consistently, he would be asked to meet his program director for a "tea" session without tea, and reprimanded for violating the hours which can potentially deny his program from getting accredited by JCST and ACGME - even though none of theses programs are...
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