Urine "Sniff Test" For Prostate Cancer

Urine "Sniff Test" For Prostate Cancer

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“SNIFFING” urine samples could help detect prostate cancer, ending the need for painful biopsy tests, suggests new research. Currently, men who are thought to be at risk of prostate cancer, undergo a biopsy, that involves a
5 Apr 2017 - General
Thank you for sharing this article. If this sniff test were to become approved, it will certainly decrease alot of patients from having diagnosed late for prostate cancer. I agree with Virgilio Montero that in medical school, we used to learn that prostate cancer is one type of cancer that advances very slowly, and just let it continue to grow in older man, as they will eventually die from other disease rather than the prostate cancer itself. With this test, then these group of people will not t...
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The diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer is still in the stone age and Urologists should be embarrassed. Imagine, it is the 21st century and a physician is trying to detect a cancer with his finger up a rectum and an almost meaningless and highly inaccurate blood test. They can find a breast cancer the size of a grain of rice but advanced prostate tumors go undetected until inoperable or it metastasizes. I really love the advanced scientific procedure that prescribes that since prostate ca...
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