Tea in dementia prevention?

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8 Apr 2017 - General

Tea is important and must in our daily life, I can say that there are very feww persons who dont take Tea or coffee. Tea consumption increases alertness of mind and believed to provide an elevated mood. Here claiming that tea consumption has no link to dementia shielding, so what is your opinion on your clinical implications. Share your opinions and thoughts on tea consumotion and dementia shielding.


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Green tea is a type of antioxidant polyphenol a researcher of Dr Moussa Youdim, in Haifa. He hopes to use their iron-chelating properties against Parkinson's disease, where neuronal iron is more of a problem than in Alzheimer's.

Inositol has important anti-anxiety and anti-ageing properties, and may be the unrecognised ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, responsible for the known protective, delaying and therapeutic benefits of such a diet, on Alzheimer's disease.
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