Doctors who can't communicate bad news are technicians, not physicians

Doctors who can't communicate bad news are technicians, not physicians

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Physicians must come out from behind their machines and high-tech treatments and honestly talk with patients about their prognoses.
13 Apr 2017 - General
I have heard from some lay person saying that in view of the advancement of information technology, as seen in our daily lifes, for example - MacDonald's is using self ordering kiosk machine now, which will cut down the manpower needs; telemedicine may arise and the demand of doctors may drop, but I feel that the personal touch is still important, why isn't there physician assistants in our side of the world to help deal with the paperwork so that the doctor can provide more touch and ha...
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Overtime, this problem will get worse. The workload for paperwork is piling up, eg. audits, JCI accreditation, documentation to cover themselves; for the majority of time, the intensive care unit nurses sit outside the room keying in blood results and not inside with the patients tending to their need. One nurse to 15 patients at night, seems to be a little overwhelming, A medical officer has to look after 200 patients a night, how is that possible for the doctor to go extra mile? If he could b...
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We can also say that general surgeons who do not provide holistic care are deemed as butchers; orthopedic surgeons who don't manage patient well medically are carpenters; cardiac surgeons who only deal with surgery and ignore the pre and post operative care are deemed as plumbers. So when a physician is unable to communicate, he is deemed a technician. These terms tend to be too harsh on doctors, but like in every occupation, there is a spectrum of excellent and weak ones. Not every doctor i...
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I believe that not all doctors will do the same just like what stated in the article. Almost all doctors that i had encountered, they are all presenting the fact and the chances of living of the patient. Afterall it is the right of the significant others to know the truth. Though, it is hard but it is the only way to present the fact. Aside from that, here in our country staying in the hospital is not practical and it will cost financial burden to the family. Unless, it was the decision of the ...
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