Be Patient to Patients

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28 Jun 2016 - General

As nurses we are created to be flexible, to have undending patience and must have all the understanding in the world. 

I have this one unforgettable experience, it was a busy day handling 6 patients. There was one patient who keeps on buzzing every now and then seeking for too much attention. "'Nurse can you please load credits to my phone so that I can make a phone call?". The patient does not have any responsible folks for a few days. So I got her number and texted my friend to get the load. After a few minutes she called again on the help button, so I came in to the room. "Nurse can you please reach out to me that thing?". So this cycle keeps on repeating for the nth time and makes me a little bit of pissed off. 

In the afternoon when I was about to take my off, she buzzed again and unfortunately I was not there to hear the call at the station. It maybe took a few minutes and all of a sudden when I reach the room, she went to the bathroom and her IV site was out. That was around 3:30 pm and my shift is until 3pm. So here I go, this patient is a little bit getting into my nerves. Since she doesn't have someone to call on to buy the needle for insertion, I took the money and buy from the pharmacy. That was it, I inserted the line and all done.

When I was about to go home, she buzzed again. Of course that was not on my shift anymore but since I get to pass by her room on my way out, I dropped by and said. "Ma'am what do you need?". The woman answered can you please credit my phone with load and register it to have an unlimited call?". I replied, I don't know how to do it and it's my off already". She insisted and I was really pissed off. And so I said at the back of my mind, okay fine for the last time. Alright ma'am, I took the money and asked the vendor outside the hospital to register her phone number to make unlimited calls. After reloading, I was almost at home and I called the patient to confirm if she received the load. "Yes I got it. Sorry if I bothered you too much today. Thank you."

The next day when I went on duty, I asked my colleagues where did the patient transferred out since I couldn't find her name. They replied, she was "Discharged Against Medical Advice" yesterday and while riding alone in the cab, she died.

Yes Maria. Thanks for giving your insights on this. Such a bittersweet story indeed. But I am glad that I was able to do something good despite of the irritation it has caused me I guess. I mean, it did really but there's hesitation to at least serve them over and beyond my boundaries and limits. Let us always not forget to take good care of our patients. There might be any other deeper reason why they have been acting that way. If I wasn't able to give any extra effort on that time, I w...
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Oh my. What a bittersweet story . Her demise is a devastating one but I'm sure the single comforting detail about this is with knowing that you made some difference at the end of her life. It may have brought her a glimmer of joy before she took her final breath or maybe not. Caring for patients is more than just fulfilling a professional duty. Many healthcare professionals forget that, and I sometimes get blinded by annoyance, irritation and exhaustion, myself. But like demanding g...
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