Inheritance of Nurses

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28 Jun 2016 - General

Nursing profession is growing fast and transition when it comes to rendering of  services over the years can change in a blink of an eye. How long do you plan to serve your countrymen? How do you welcome newly hired novice nurses?

In the Philippines, almost everyone just spend 2 years in hospitals then eventually leave for overseas positions. As a nurse for almost 3 years, professional growth has been really developed over time. Quick employment of newly graduated nurses are rampant and massive resignees are coming our way. In a moment, you are already equipped by knowledge, skills and attitude for you to be called competent healthcare providers. 

Now is the time to payback and mold younger individuals to be the best version of theirselves. Passing on to them that kind of mentality a provider should have, (1)compassionate and caring; (2) Accountable with our actions and be responsible; (3) Respect others the way we wanted to be respected most especially our patients; and lastly (4) be competetive and always strive for excellence. These are just one of a few qualities that we can leave to the younger generation of healthcare providers. 

So what are yours?