Emphasizing on Planning

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28 Jun 2016 - General

Individual planning is the key to most effective intervention following any therapy or technique. Planning done by a professional with a systematic understanding of the client is half battle won. When working with children with special needs; planning is done at various stages as well as areas. We ideally require a planning for each aspect of the child to be focused on; mainly the behavior, academic as well as social skills training.

In today's world were the awareness regarding the need for intervention has tremendously increased, the next question to be answered would be; What is a good intervention plan or Who is the correct professional? Well the answer to these questions has many many elements to be considered, one of them is PLANNING. Professional that can or has laid down a good intervention plan is most likely to have a good understanding of the child; good understanding of the child of course also leads to systematic execution of the intervention. Getting here is the first most basic point to be considered by the professional as well as the parent; Understanding the child or rather knowing the child in the most objective way. The process of seeking a fare understanding of the child's cognitive, behavioral, emotional as well as social aspect is a challenging task which requires a good theoretical knowledge along with practical experience.

Second aspect in planning the intervention is setting Goals. Till date there have been various books written on goal setting and implementation, as mentioned in most of those books written by renowned authors, the concept of Short-Term and Long-Term Goals also applies to intervention plan for children with special needs. Short-term goals for children with special needs are sometimes as short as 2 minutes, for example: with a child diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) a short term goal of waiting for his/her turn would also take weeks or months to achieve. On the other hand we do understand that most of the children with special needs might always require some assistance or intervention, yet when it comes to planning long-term goals they are not made for years together as we never know in which direction will the child mould, thus the maximum tenure suggested would be 1year. Also pointing out one important aspect of Goal planning whether Short or Long is that it would be based on the change focused or the duration to achieve the same. Desired change based goal or duration in terms of time taken to achieve the goal are both appropriate way to planning, just that professional at the start of planning needs to choose and pick on one of them and follow the similar plan for each goal for a respective client. Coming back to the thumb rule of psychology; “Every individual is different”, the same is also applied to the professionals; every professional is also different and its mostly likely that each professional has his/ her own style or pattern of formulating the goals; crucial point is they should be well-defined.