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28 Jun 2016 - General

Flight SQ 368, which departed at 0205hr on Monday was 2 hours into flight when the pilot announced that there was a problem with the engine. The plane turned back and landed before the right engine of the Boeing 777 burst into flmaes. 

All passengers and crew on board were safely evacuated. But how did this happen? Could it be the engineers? Pilots? Who is at blame for this million dollar aircraft to burst into flames and resulting to hundreds feeling terrified.

What's your guess? 

An aircraft is one of the most complex machines made by mankind. It is also one of those machines which remains in service the longest. Another unique thing about aircrafts is that it is continuously being serviced and checked, unlike cars or two-wheelers which require periodic checking. The number of miles for which an aircraft flies before it is commissioned out of service is also far more as compared to cars or trucks. Another unique thing about airplanes is that they are made up of hundreds ...
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