The Era of Social Media

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28 Jun 2016 - General

Whenever I open my social media account, like let’s say facebook or even instagram, and decide to post a significant part of my day I tend to double think on whether I should post it or not. I get this fear that I might deface myself as a doctor by posting my personal life. Despite having set up my privacy settings with no posts viewed to the public there is still that possibility that may personal life can be shown to others like let’s say patients. We want to live a normal life and keep up with the trends of sharing our lives to friends through social media but to some extent our professional image is at stake. How do you feel about social media and your image as a doctor?

I completely agree with everything you said there. I myself have kept social media accounts like Facebook since undergraduate years. Since I was a student when I firstly got this account I didn't "quality control", so to speak, my friends lists. Seeing several other doctors who post their lives bare on social media I can't help but notice that at times their patients would comment on their photos. That made me quite uneasy. I began filtering my Facebook by sadly removing people...
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I have been through a similar dilemma. In India, there is a specific image associated with doctors. A doctor's practice may get affected if his/her image gets distorted in the society. I agree with the fact that although privacy settings do work, a part of the private information circulated on the social media may get leaked into public domain. It is easily possible for a patient to 'look up' his/her doctor on Google and try to dig for more information. Another menace is the 'fri...
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