Rising incidence and prevalence of hypertension

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28 Jun 2016 - General

As I continue my medical practice through the years, I have been noticing that the incidence and prevalence of hypertension is rising. To make it clear, “incidence” is the number of new cases while “prevalence” is the total of the new and existing cases.  Around 20 years ago, I observed that hypertension usually started at age 40 and above; while now, I see it among 30-40 years old. I am so alarmed with this situation that every time I see a patient, even if he is only complaining of  itchiness on the upper arm or merely inquiring on what vaccinations I give, I take and record the vital signs, particularly the  blood pressure and the  pulse rate, and prescribe the necessary medication(s) upon knowing  that the  blood pressure is elevated. With this, I discovered and treated a number of patients  with elevated blood pressure, preventing the occurrences of various complications and unnecessary deaths.    

There is no doubt about the fact that its due to change in the life style. Today everyone is trying to keep up with fast pace and in the process health is highly ignored. We as health professionals only come into to the picture when patients come to us with a complaint which could be at any age, however the life style needs to be changed from very beginning. Right from childhood, the screen time along with junk food is considered as basic needs. While growing up the perception of fun and trill...
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