Let's get Physical!

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28 Jun 2016 - General

A lot of healthcare professionals have an unhealthy lifestyle. One safe excuse to live this way is to claim, "We're too busy". We're too busy to eat healthy food, so we go for what's food. We're too busy to find time for physical activities. Since we don't eat on time because of duty calls, there's a big chance that we will over-eat because we're famished by the time we are able to go on a break. This continues until we notice that we no longer fit into our white coats/uniforms and we really have to do something about it. If you're having this problem, it's time to commit to an exercise regimen. 

Let me introduce you to HIIT. It stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Being "too busy" is no longer an excuse because it only takes at least 20 minutes to do this and it doesn't need going to the gym. It's an interval of alternating vigorous and moderate-intensity exercises that's proven to enhance your metabolism more effectively than steady state exercises. According to American College of Sports Medicine, there is 6-15% added energy expenditure when doing HIIT workouts compared to the steady state workout routine.

After a warm up, here’s an example of a HIIT workout routine:

1. Push-ups for 45 seconds then 15 seconds rest

2. Squats for 45 seconds then 15 seconds rest

3. Jog in place for 45 seconds then 15 seconds rest

4. Tricep dips for 45 seconds then 15 seconds rest

5. Deep lunges for 45 seconds then 15 seconds rest


Repeat these four times then cool down.


Thanks for that regimen! I do try to run outside at least 5k when I do have the time or the morning before I go to duty. Exercise does give a lot of benefits aside from keeping the body healthy. Personally, running or exercising gives me extra boost to manage an all nighter. I don't feel sluggish at all, compared to when I don't exercise for a week or so. It would only be difficult when the weather does not permit outdoor running or the streets are too slippery, thanks to your routine, I...
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