Do you think doctors and nurses need any exercise outside of work?

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28 Jun 2016 - General

Exercise has been noted to have multiple effects on improving the physical and mental health. It helps to optimize the morbidity and mortality of humans. In recent years, many large scale studies have showed the benefits of exercise prescription and there has been intuitional efforts in encouraging exercise.  

The quantity of exercise has been recommended by most to at least 30-60 minutes, 4-6 times weekly or 30 minutes on most days of the week. Many doctors and nurses live very physically active work lives shuffling around the different commitments we have.

Do you think that doctors and nurses need exercise outside work? What type of exercise do you do and how do you break through the inertia of doing exercise.

Proper diet and adequate physical exercises are some of the secrets of having a healthy and productive life. True enough, we, physicians, spend a lot of time going to and from our clinic sites. In the real sense, however, these are not enough to maintain good health. We need to have regular physical exercises outside of our work! We need to walk and run; we need to jump and swim! The secret of effective physical exercises is for us to have “out of breath” experiences. We need to jar our hearts;...
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Of course :) I do try to run outdoors few times a week, it helps boost energy too. Medical workers lead a sedentary lifestyle due to hectic schedules and we don't have much time for leisurely activities. But I do think that baby steps to changing a lifestyle could help a lot in the long run. When I was a medical clerk, I gained 10kg. All the long hours of duty, lack of sleep and unhealthy eating schedule could really take a toll on our weight. During the break, I ran 5k-10k a day or at least...
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I agree that doctors and nurses lead very busy lives and have to be on their toes throughout their working hours. But sometimes this does not really translate into meaningful aerobic exercise. For example, if a surgeon operates for 5 hours, he may be exhausted mentally and physically, but the amount of exercise he got is minimal. Yes, doctors and nurses do need to take time out to exercise and be fit. The type of exercise depends on the spare time you have on your hands and the type of exercise ...
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