We are Not Just Nurses

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28 Jun 2016 - General

The many roles and responsibilities of a nurse has been obviously being mislooked  by the public I guess. We have extracted all our effort to study 4-5 years in a University just to get those BSN degree and two letter word succeeding our last names after the board examinations. 

Nurses are not just assistants of doctors while making their rounds but rather, they serve as the eye to monitor for alterations and hands to touch their patients with passion. 

They are not just someone to be scolded by any other folks for serving their lunches late and without knowing we nurses have barely eaten for a 12 hour shift (which is the work of the Dietary Department I guess for late deliveries), mop the floor for any spilled dishes and beverages (Housekeeping Department), folks shouting their complaints for the non-cooling airconditioning unit and leaking faucets (Maintenance Department), mislooked transfer of accounts from other departments to another (Admitting Section), prescribing medications (Pharmacist) and catching some serum for laboratory tests after IV insertion (Medical Technologists jobs) and many other more.

These are just few of the job descriptions that aren't included in the  job offer I guess. Having the worst salary or having "no salary at all" in a third world country with these too much work is really heartbreaking.

But nothing is much more rewarding than hearing your patients and folks saying "Thank you" after a toxic day. 

That will melt each heart of nurse. Rewarding, fulfilling and no profession can ever teach someone to have a caring heart and mind than that of a nurse.

I am not just a nurse. I AM A NURSE and I am proud to br one!