The importance of knowing the "ideal body weight"

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28 Jun 2016 - General

Teaching our patients   how   to compute for  their  “ideal body weight (IBW)” should be done as part of medical and paramedical practice. The formula is: height in centimeters  -  100 = the IBW  in kilograms.  For Asians, being smaller in body size,  the computed IBW could be reduced  by  5-10 %.   The formula is not hard to remember  and  to compute.  Hence, as much as possible, it should be taught to all patients that we see. The very first thing that patients should  know  are that: (1) they are obese or overweight,  and (2)  these highly preventable conditions are linked to the development of  hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and, worse, metabolic syndrome.  Letting them know that their excess weight  forebodes future medical problems is one thing.  Teaching them how to lose weight is another thing.     

The formula for computing the “ideal body weight” as explained in the previous post is meant to serve as screening method. When a situation arises wherein the individual concerned comes from mixed races and there is now an uncertainty on the accuracy of this “easy to understand” formula, then you need to resort to computing for the “body mass index” or BMI. The formula for BMI is: Weight in Pounds divided by the square of height in inches multiplied by 703. If your BMI is below 18.5, then...
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I agree with you there. Computing for ideal body weight will give our patients a good push into the right direction. Most are not aware of the consequences of being overweight. On the part of children, in the Philippines we have this mentality that when a child is chubby they are "healthy". Obesity starts in childhood which results in the earlier onset of those should be highly preventable conditions. In the light of having a separate standard for Asians, I would like to know how other...
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That is indeed a very simple method of calculating ideal body weight. Everyone should be aware of the condition of their body and should make efforts to remain as healthy as possible. Having said that, we should not forget that today's patients are internet-savvy and will be aware of terminologies like Body Mass index (BMI), skin fold thickness and Total Body Fat Content or Body Composition. The physician must be in a position to explain the nuances of all these indices to the patient and ...
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