What apps do you use for work?

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28 Jun 2016 - General

Cellphones have been an important part of our lives. Besides helping us to communicate, they have helped to make our lives more efficient through productivity apps, giving us to an avenue to read on the short moments that we have. As part of efforts to efforts to boost efficiency and manage risk, hospitals have also started to adopt e-medical reports and consequently medical systems (e.g. Sunrise, Citrix, Hyperspace etc.).

At work, I use the e-med application on the desktop and cellphone, up-to-date app if I need to get accurate information. I use Qx calculate as my medical calculator.

Outside of work, I use

1)      Weekly podcasts by NEJM and JAMA which provide summaries of week’s articles.

2)      Read by QxMD for latest information

3)      Figure 1 app which provides a intriguing array of images which I use to probe my curiosity and explore medical topics

4)      Evernote to note down any thoughts to new research ideas I have.

What apps do you all use? Hope we can all learn from each other.

The convenience of using Internet on cellphone has indeed made our lives much easier. Access to the Internet 24×7 makes it possible for us to remain up-to-date with our knowledge. As an oncologist, I need to keep myself abreast of the latest guidelines in treatment of cancer as well as the staging of different cancers. I use the NCCN ( National Comprehensive Cancer Network) app to find out the cancer management guidelines according to stage. I also use the Medscape app to read various arti...
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