Exploited Nurses

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28 Jun 2016 - General

Exploting nurses is rampant in the Philippines. After taking the licensure examination, most of the percentage are doing volunteerism to gain experience. Volunteerism means without pay, no transportstion allowance nor food, and having work load of that of a full time staff nurse. 

This is a usual scenario for every hospital most especially in government hospitals nationwide. Some hospitals will hire you for volunteer works or having contractualization then after such time will lay off their workers. Some may require certain fees for training just to work in the hospital gaining this certificate of employment.

Question is, (1) does this also happen globally?; (2) what countries do have similar practices with the Philippines?; (3) what do you suggest for Filipinos engaging in this kind of exploitation?; lastly (4) do you recommend after licensure exams for nurses to work overseas immediately without any experience?

Any inputs on this MIMS.COMMUNITY? 


If you don't mind me asking, which country are you from? There's an overflowing supply of nurses here. Jobs are really limited for employment but not with volunteerism. There is also an ongoing campaign on Universities not to take up a Nursing Degree due to its shortsge of employment in the country. I hope the President will really hear this petition. But I guess he is more of increasing salaries of the security forces than of those in the medical field particularly nurses. Such a terrib...
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Actually Ziwei it depends on the institution. For example some of my friends have been working in a 100 bed capacity government hospital without pay at all. That happens in small towns of the province and the hiring for employment depends on when will there be another slot to be filled in by a new one. So it takes forever to wait for someone to retire I guess and fill in their slots. It could have been better if in the first place, they will not accept any volunteer individuals. I think having t...
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