Memorable ER Stories

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28 Jun 2016 - General

EMERGENCY ROOM. That one part of the hospital that had always been so fast- paced, busy and hectic. For all healthcare practitioners, having a patient that comes in the ER at 3am for the pettiest reasons is an all too familiar scenario. I know that most of us had a fair share of that funny, sad, heart warming and/ or memorable moments. I will share some of mine.

Some ER nights could be quiet, while some could be a restless one. One quiet night, at around 2am or so, a patient came in complaining of eye pain. So the triage nurse triaged the patient in the Ophtha Department. By the way, this story is not mine but had been told to me a by a fellow doctor. So the doctor, holding the record sheet, read the complaint "Eye Pain". So she asked, "Good morning sir, I see you had been having pain in your eye. Which eye?". The patient looked at the doctor dead straight in the eye and pointed out his forehead and said, "My third eye." the doctor was just trying to hold her laugh to act professional, and so as not to offend the patient. So how did they dispose the patient? They just explained that their deparment only handle "Eyes that are located at both sides of the nose.". Fair enough, the patient went home without any treatment for his "third eye pain".


As for my personal experience, it had something to do with the eye too.

A young patient came in the ER with a black eye and a couple of abrasions on his arms. He was accompanied by her girlfriend, who was fidgety, crying and anxious. After I cleaned the patient's wound, her mother along with a handful of relatives came in the ER, anxiously looking for the patient. When she had found her son, she stormed in our direction while shouting "My son! My son! What have they done to you?!" She was almost on the verge of hysteria and she was crying her heart out while talking to the patient.

I just stood there, taken away by the mother's reaction. Her mother asked me, "Is he going to be alright? Is he going to be alright?!" in a very anxious manner. I said, "Yes ma'am, he obtained a black eye and some abrasion on his arms, probably when he tripped over." The more they talk, the more that the mother was becoming more anxious, so I told her mom to step outside first to catch some breath and come back when she's calmed a bit. She was also disturbing other patients trying to rest and everyone was looking at them. She went out of the ER, trying to shed off the anxiety just a bit, but I guess she wasn't able to. Because she came back in the ER as a patient because she had been having difficulty breathing. Turned out it was just an anxiety attack. She and her son were bed neighbors that night.

For me, everything was too melodramatic and intense for a black eye. Maybe because I had seen a lot worse, but who am I to judge? I didn't know what to react actually, because I do symphatize with the mother, as mothers do love the hardest. I didn't want to think that what happened was funny and I was being sensitive with their emotions as well. One thing I think I am sure though, he might be the favorite son.

What about yours? Share some of your memorable ER moments. :)