Caffeine as a performance enhancer and other properties

Caffeine as a performance enhancer and other properties

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When you are feeling tired, you make yourself a cup of coffee. When you want to pull an all nighter, you make yourself a pot of coffee. When you have a fully packed work schedule, you would want to get your caffeine fix via an intravenous drip, if that were only possible. Here we discuss the properties, benefits and disadvantages of caffeine.
28 Jun 2016 - General
Hi all! I’m also fond of taking caffeinated drinks. Although since my student years, I have decided to downgrade my intake. As a student, I drink at least 4 mugs of black coffee per day - 1 before going to class, 1 after lunch then 2 when studying at night. I’m not really sure if it enhanced my performance. But I distinctly remember that there are certain situations that I feel energized to study. Sometimes I’d still fall asleep despite drinking my 2 mugs. Nowadays, I seldom drink black coffee ...
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The article has dosages of certain types of caffeine products as well as what levels would cause caffeinism or even overdose. Allow me to post that part here: Percolated coffee has 386-652mg/L, drip coffee has 555-845mg/L, decaffeinated coffee has 24-72mg/L, tea has 124-418mg/L, coca cola has 96mg/L and red bull has 320mg/L. PLUS the moderate daily consumption is at 400mg per day, Caffeinism at 1000 to 1500mg per day and overdose at 150-200mg per kilogram body mass or 400-500mg of caffeine table...
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We are all aware that caffeine is a stimulant and helps perk you up during those long duty hours. According to a study entitled "Muscle Pain as a Regulator of Cycling Intensity” by Gonglach et. al. that caffeine intake during moderate intensity exercise reduces muscle pain which then results in increasing performance. I found this highly interesting and felt really great about this as need coffee to live. Knowing this would give us some extra respect for caffeine. Now whenever we are in the...
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