7 reasons why doctors are quitting practice in Malaysia

7 reasons why doctors are quitting practice in Malaysia

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Most doctors embark on their professional journey with a burning ambition to serve and make a difference in the world. However, an alarming number of doctors in Malaysia give up their medical careers soon after undergoing the strain and rigour of medical school. The numbers have increased exponentially over the years, and warrants attention to identify the reasons for this trend.
28 Jun 2016 - General
Hi Leothel! As they say, patience is a virtue. For you to be able to finish what you’ve started, always keep in mind why you’re doing it to begin with. Even though I still envy a lot of my non-doctor friends because of their lifestyle, I’m still grateful that I was given the opportunity to take part in the healing art. After finishing medical school, when you are in residency already, you will experience more emotionally draining events, such as unexpected loss of a patient, dealing with angry r...
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I would say the lack of postgraduate opportunities is the main reason why doctors are quitting the medical practice in Malaysia. To my knowledge, the opportunities to get specialty training in Malaysia are very limited. For example, in the field of General Internal Medicine, a lot of doctors are trying years after years to get into the Master programmes. Some of them might try the alternative way of obtaining MRCP exam. But after that, how about the specialty training and sub-specialty training ...
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Hi Marinelle! I can totally relate about the emotional toll the very long and very hard path medschool can give to aspiring doctors. I started late, so most of my friends are now successful. Professionally, I don't have any mentors. I have lecturers but I have never tried approaching nay of them for advice about career paths. Sometimes leaving crosses my mind but I have gone too for to quit now, and I am determined to finish and be a doctor. Hopefully along the way I can find a mentor that ...
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Hi Daichi! I’m not from Malaysia, but we are facing the same dilemma in the Philippines. A lot of medical graduates don’t practice medicine. Some go into other industries like business etc. I believe that when one is confronted with such dilemma, the question that comes to mind is: Is it worth it? By the time a student graduates from medical school, he is already in his mid-20’s. Personally, when I graduated I envied some of my friends from high school who are already earning for themselves. A l...
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