7 ways for nurses to ease varicose veins

7 ways for nurses to ease varicose veins

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Varicose veins are swollen, enlarged, and twisted veins.Nurses are very likely to get varicose veins as they spend a great amount of time on their feet. They have little time to rest due to the constant stream of patients they attend to. So here are 7 simple tips to follow if you would like to stay clear from these highly inconvenient varicose veins.
28 Jun 2016 - General
Oh my! This one is surely helpful to those who have placed too much pressure on your legs most especially us nurses. Been standing, walking and having weight bearing movements for almost 8-12 hours a day is totally exhausting! Being in the nursing school and practicing my profession for almost 3 years have greatly contributed to the growth of tnese tiny veins to somewhat engorged. I hopr everybody gets to have time reading this article before those vessels will come to errupt. If it's too la...
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