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28 Jun 2016 - General

(Disclaimer: I am not related to MIMS in anyway) Having just watched a inspiring TED Talk by Tim Hulme, I believe that there is a great value in taking the launch and learn approach of doing things. As some of the first users of the group, I believe that we have a duty to help in the improvement of this forum to ensure its growth and sustainability. My personal feel after using the forum for one day is that it is messy and has quite a few strange articles.  Although a approach would be to just email our suggestions to the MIMs admin, I believe that discussion would allow ideas to be distilled and then implemented. My current ideas for improvement.

1)      The current interface is really confusing and there is no specific segmentation for different healthcare staff. This make it difficult for us to read areas which we are more interested in. It would be great if such a option is added.

2)      There are no options for up-voting and down-voting of articles. This makes it difficult for the board to produce an effective mechanism to provide articles which members are interested in.

What is your feel after the usage of this forum? Please feel free to add on. Hope we can all work towards improving the community

Personally, I am glad that MIMS created this community as I have never been more involved/updated in healthcare online and this would definitely improve my knowledge and keep me up to date with the ever changing world of healthcare. So, kudos to the team of developers. Looking forward for some more features soon. I have thought of suggesting a mobile app but upon reading the replies in this thread, it seems like it is on its way already. Thank God for that! :) Also, I felt that it may be better...
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I fully agree with organizing the forum more. The posts are now beginning to flood in. @Shunjie Chua: your number 2 is exactly what I was wanting to see here. I really like that feature on reddit. This way the more discussed topics will move up the feed. I would also like this to be on the MIMS app to make it easier to message here while on the go. I have a comment on the structure itself. I find the comment box of "one line" to be a bit frustrating as we cannot read over what we are a...
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A few more ideas: 1) There is already a MIMS app which can be downloaded easily. However, it does not have the MIMs community integrated. I would presume that the plans would be eventually integrate it into the app at a later stage 2) Include a button at the bottom of the page of article. Users can use this button to directly allow the articles to be shared. More importantly, there should be more effective methods to increase the users of the forum. This is because all this changing of feature...
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@Leothel: I was suggesting a segmented area for different professionals to post their threads, but it should not be a locked community, so the threads can still be viewed. Another option would be to have a more effective tagging/color coding system. @Marinelle:I think, by default, we do get notified when the threads we follow, or create get replies. The notifications are present on the notification tab and also on the registered email. I suppose the next step would be to have a sms notification...
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I just finished making my profile for this site. I also have made some abservations: 1.Since there are not that many posts, it is quite easy to to seel all the topics posted by members, but as the number of posts build it, it would be quite hard to find a specific post that caught your interst in the past. So I agree that there should a categorization of topics. However, I am not quite sure i I would want segmentation of healthcare staff because I am quite intersted in what the other health car...
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