Physician Burnout

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28 Jun 2016 - General

The 40 hour workweek takes on a different route for most health care professionals. Somehow, the rest of the world are having "normal" schedules while heath care practitioners are expected to be available 24/7 for patients requiring needed health care. Compassion and service might be one of the reasons why we enter this field, but somehow, due to the demands and our limited physical, mental and emotional capacities, compassion makes it to the bottom of the priorities as we try to give the physical care patients need. A recent interview of an ER doctor featured in Humans of New York stated that ,"  I guess I thought that everyone would be compassionate, and would help each other, and would be nice to each other. And don’t get me wrong—I work with a lot of compassionate people. But the stress just erodes people. There’s a lot of tension and anger."  Here is some of the things that we can do to prevent burnout from happening.

Thanks Leothel! Well I don't know about studying as being a walk in the park but hospital work is really stressful. I remember during my junior internship year that I would wake up in the middle of the night at home panicking because I have to monitor my patients. I would look for a by BP apparatus on my night stand. haha Kidding aside it is difficult but seeing that this a path we chose it isn't all too bad. I found that my junior internship year wasn't as stressful as compared to m...
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Wow! You made a great article Jennifer. I still have one year before Junior Internship but med school is also no joke. Staying home and studying huge amounts of information can be stressful, but intern friends and doctors says this is still a walk in the park. They say it gets worst, but I'm being optimistic about it. I am trying to prepare myself for the hospital life but I guess I will know for myself when I get there. Any tips or ideas that you guys use to prevent burnout? Some friends s...
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Thank you for sharing my article! :) I was going to do this myself but you beat me to it. Our hours here are definitely crazy. Whenever I talk to my non-medical friends about what our schedule is like they find it unbelievable. There have been plans to try and adjust the hours for us here in the Philippines but I wouldn't keep my hopes up too much. We require "humane hours" as it is not only us doctors who suffer but our patients as well. The more tired we are the more likely for m...
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