Human male urine to help clear clots

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29 Jun 2016 - General

I had this opportunity to work with a clinic manager who is passionate with making sure her staff learns something new everyday. Every shift, she allocates at least ten minutes of her time to teach us any topic related to renal nursing that interest us. 

One day, we talked about Syner-kinase. "Syner-KINASE is a powder for solution for injection, which contains the active ingredient human urokinase, an antithrombotic agent. Urokinase is purified from human male urine and it is used as a thrombolytic agent to clear clots in the cardiovascular system or catheters inserted into blood vessels."

We are using Syner-Kinase for our patients with Central Venous Catheter undergoing haemodialysis to help with their clotting problems. So far, I have seen it to be effective. 

Hi, Thank you for your comment. Firstly, the only reason for using the title is to catch readers attention as part of creative writing. The title does summarise my post as well as indeed, Uro kinase came from a human male urine and that I was just amazed myself upon knowing that. Secondly, I felt that your input is very helpful as I can give a feedback to my clinic manager with regards to Urokinase being withdrawn due to the potential of transmitting infectious diseases. As a healthcare professi...
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Firstly, I personally feel that the article’s title could be improved. It should say Syner-kinase/urokinase for the management of central venous catheter occlusion. Although its great to hear its effectiveness in the author’s centre. It should be noted that urokinase has been withdrawn from USA for this purpose since 1999 because of its potential to transmit infectious diseases. . Since then multiple other agents such as alterphase, reteplase, tenecteplase, and recombinant urokinase have been in...
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